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Video and blogging have become an important part of an SME’s marketing mix in recent years. This workshop is a practical, hands-on series that will give you the skills to implement your own video and blog campaigns.


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YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet! That is enough evidence to prove that humans love video. Is there opportunity for you to use video in your business but, you’re not sure where to start? Are you currently using video for your business but you would like some tips and hints on how to improve your content and editing techniques?


This practical workshop series will take you through the key steps and give you the opportunity to start practising the lessons learnt in session.


We know the majority of Australians research purchase decisions for products and services online. How are you represented in the online space? What terms do your prospects need to be searching for to find you?

When they find your online presence, is it a staid, bullet point listing of services, or will they find relevant articles on the issues confronting them that showcase your approach to such matters and your expertise?

Blogging is a multi-faceted tool that not only sharpens the focus of your team, it also strategically distributes engaging, prospect-warming content on the internet, increasing the size and pulling power of your ‘Google net’.


In this 3 x half-day workshop series, Steve Davis will cover:

  • Video content
  • Shooting video – best practice tips
  • Editing video
  • Publishing videos online
  • Blog content
  • Drafting blogs
  • Publishing blogs


Spaces are limited to 12 participants so be sure to get in quick and register today.




Unley Business & Export Centre

St Augustine’s Church

183 Unley Road, Unley


Dates and Times:

–      6:00 – 9:00pm, Thursday 26th September

–      6:00 – 9:00pm, Thursday 3rd October

–      6:00 – 9:00pm, Thursday 10th October



$495.00 + GST ($544.50 includes GST)


Mandatory Equipment:

It is essential that participants bring along the following equipment/technology to this workshop series:

–      Smart phone (preferably iPhone)

–      For iPhone users – iMovie App – purchased and installed ($5.49)

–      For Android users – ?? App – purchase and installed ($xx.xx)

–      Laptop/video camera?? [JH checking with Steve]

Note: spare ipads and/or smart phones can be made available – please let us know and we can provide you with one on the days.


Book Now

–      Contact Brett Williams: 0419 806 700 or


About the presenter – Steve Davis

Steve Davis is the Marketing Director at Baker Marketing.


Steve is out of the office more often than not, delivering workshops or consulting directly to business owners and boards about all manner of marketing challenges, including social media marketing.


He has a special interest in emerging media and marketing technologies, with a particular focus on how to properly integrate such channels of communication within a business’ own marketing strategy.


Steve has more than ten years involvement in internet and new media strategy development, and through his hands-on work with clients and entertaining presentation style, he has become the “go to man” for many businesses wanting to top into the ‘social’ marketplace of hundreds of millions of potential customers.


About Baker Marketing – Your Outsourced Marketing Department

Baker Marketing is a specialist team of professional marketers with experience and skills in marketing strategy, export, social media, communications, graphic design, websites & sales.


The team at Baker Marketing has assisted numerous clients to develop their business and implement marketing on limited budgets.  This presentation draws upon the team’s collective experience and commercial ‘know-how’.

Participants will benefit from the down-to-earth presentation style, and from content well-grounded in small business realities.

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