Video on Attachment – the CEO as Mentor, as Parent.

This video was shown by Dan Hughes at his conference in Feb 2014 in Melbourne.

It sums up attachment issues for teenagers, although we note that all human beings need a safe base from which to explore the world, in each of the four quadrants of the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. That safe base doesn’t necessarily mean our biological parents. That safe base though needs to be a human being or beings. Institutions, groups and companies can’t love, but individuals can, and can provide that safe base for all of us to feel that we can go out into the world and learn and create, knowing that we have somewhere to come home to.


Interestingly enough, the workplace can be that ‘safe place’. The principal or boss as mentor, can be the safe place from whence our staff can leave our side and explore the world and create for the company. If an employee doesn’t feel safe, they wont work as well. Some current  thinking suggests that harsh management will mean that staff will try harder to gain approval and hopefully gain that safe base. It more than likely means they will look for a safe base elsewhere. Motivate your staff by giving them a safe base, strong hands, to reach out from, and if they don’t want to reach out where the business needs them to, don’t make it unsafe for them, mutually decide to separate, and assist them in finding a new safe base.

This concept that the business owner or Managing Director can be a parent figure, can be the attachment figure for employees, springs in some ways from Gerber’ s (The E-Myth) concept of the owner as mentor. Much more than that, the owner is the one from whom all employees get their life source for the job, including the food on their table. Reciprocity, which is necessary for all  transactions, especially and including business relationships, means that from feeding our staff in all four quadrants, means that we look for them to feed us by doing what we need.

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