Consulting Services

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Here are our consulting services

While there are many consultants who focus on a particular niche or segment within the spectrum of business disciplines and challenges, I can offer you the perspective and insights of a business generalist.

Many clients find the broad base of experience as a generalist invaluable because together it means we can often arrive at new solutions and fresh perspectives.

So when you engage me as your consultant, you are tapping into 25 years experience in business and working as a consultant in many areas of business.

A family friendly workplace will be a profitable one

Furthermore, I firmly believe in offering family friendly arrangements, not only to my clients, but to help them create family friendly environments for their employees. With our very challenging demographic changes ahead in South Australia, a family friendly work environment is going to be crucial for attracting and maintaing high calibre staff. I can work with you to benefit from various government programs to assist these developments, such as the Fresh Ideas for Work and Family Grants Program.

Cut to the chase

My background means I am interested in the way things work and in fixing problems or pain you may be experiencing at your workplace.

With Williams deKort Consulting, your challenges will be approached through a three prong method:

  • consulting
  • critical incident response
  • counselling service

When you work with me you will find my years in coaching/counselling/advising roles will help us keep on track, reflect on the issues to help find clarity quickly, and offer support albeit with the frankness you demand from trusted advisors.

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