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No matter how long you have been in business, there will always be value in building a relationship with a trusted consultant, advisor, mentor, counsellor, or coach.

Over the past 25 years in this role I have often had clients tell me they truly value having someone to bounce ideas off and discuss a wide range of business issues with.

How is your business doing? How are YOU doing?

In the constant rush and pressure of business, it is easy to let days, weeks, months, even years, slip by without taking time to pause, to check your strategy and goals, and take corrective action to ensure your effort and investment is being used to its full value. Williams deKort Consulting has been created to cater specifically to business owners and managers in enterprises with up to 20 employees at any stage of business life, from start-up to exit planning.

Professional, supportive and confidential

My aim is to build an on-going relationship with you and stay the course over the long term, so that you can benefit from having a fellow professional on call, someone you don’t need to keep filling in with the background, someone who can respond quickly in times of need and help you chart a course through difficulties and opportunities. Have a look in my services section for the range of business services I offer. Williams deKort Consulting is based in Glenelg South, South Australia.

Let’s tackle the future together by starting today with a brief chat or email.
Brett Williams
Williams deKort Consulting


Brett Williams, Willams deKort Consulting Glenelg Adelaide

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