Back Up Text Messages to your Gmail Account

April 17, 2019
Brett Williams, Willams deKort Consulting Glenelg Adelaide

For Android Phones is a free app and protects those important SMSs from accidental deletion or loss when the phone drops in the sink or toilet.

For iPhone

I notice a lot of iPhone users asking for a similar app – there is an app available, see I cant vouch in any way for the integrity of the app or its usefulness as I’m not an iPhone user, but i noticed a bit of talk arund this one. Many iPhone users suggest that this would be a redundant app as the iPhone already backs up to iTunes and iCloud. As with all things, we all have our preferred way of working, so the main questions is why not?

Blackberry & Other Platforms

Again I have not tried any of the different apps available for Blackberry or other platforms, but a simple google will give a number of solutions that do the same thing in those platforms.

Convergence Technologies

This is a fairly simple example of convergence technologies, where one has access to different messaging systems in the one place. It doesn’t go the next step and send SMSs but we see Google themselves working on that.

Although these services are not fully available in Australia, they are approaching a smooth form of multiplatform communication in the one place.

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